Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Opportunities... Bangalore

New to Bangalore?
Come to Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic.. so called) or Bangalore City Railway Station. Stand still in a corner, so that you are safe, and see how many people are entering this city of Bangalore and almost refusing to leave it. If somebody hits you in hurry, never mind. He may not have time or patience to throw a ‘sorry’ at you. After a moment, you will see that only you are still and the whole world around you is restless, either body or soul or most possibly, both.

Stop anybody forcefully (because you can’t do it easily) and ask him/her “Why Bangalore?” Nine out of ten would definitely use the word, “Opportunities”. Like, about some boy from his village who escaped from home and joined as worker in a garment factory, at a cable operator or some such work, years ago. Heard that he was staying in a room along with five other boys like him, somewhere on Hosur Road. Now after six years, the same boy, “don’t know, what he did in Bangalore”, visited his parents last month and gave one lakh(!) to them for his sister’s marriage and even said, “Appa, if you need more, tell me, I will arrange. But don’t ever go to anybody begging.”

Yes..OPPORTUNITIES… and of course, it is true. Your story might be different as your qualification and attitude are different. What all you can do here? Anything… Do you have guts and know to use body and brain? You will get an opportunity. What can you sell here? Anything. An intern was sitting beside me just now and he said, “I was thinking who is going to buy a TV set everyday? How many can I sell in four months? But after entering the market I am finding that my own SIP company is selling hundreds of TV’s evvvryday !!!”

Many times, while wandering around heart of the city, I have come across some insignificant, ill-equipped cinema hall, showing some insignificant, not worth mentioning movie, in which some insignificant actors have acted according the instruction of some other insignificant Director and on the poster …. hold your breath…. “Successful 25th Week”!!! I have wondered “Who would be watching such a wretched movie?” Then I have found the answer. This cosmopolitan city has consumer for everything you produce. Of course, on the other hand, producers always know what YOU want. There are colourful people here with colourful needs and colourful producers. All on their marks…It’s just a matter of vision. It takes vision to perceive opportunities!!! See Beckham’s vision.

This is just a peep into this hungry world. You have somebody to buy your product. Don’t be hesitant. Move forward… be a little fast… the other guy does not have enough time to listen to you. The little boy selling pink heart-shaped balloons at the traffic signal has only 90 seconds to choose the customer, convince him and sell the product. He will. You have a lot of time!!!

You can do it!!!

Leave this job... Go to another job!

This is what most of the youngsters who have newly joined feel!The reasons can be many. Most of them are attitude resulted. The youngsters who enter a new job expects a warm welcome; many fail to get it. In a world where numbers matter a lot members are considered less important for the fellow beings. Many first days of the new employees end with, "Wow.. what a nice interior. Nice location and pick up and drop vehicle" which are lifeless. Talk about the colleagues they met, they do not have much, "ya, good, but all were busy, could not say more than hi or hello". The difference is obvious.Meet the same 'joined recently' fellow after two months or so, you have much to listen to. With "ya, manager is very happy with me. he encourages" to "my seniors who are there from many years are not cooperating with me, they are unhappy that I am given a better position though I am a new fellow."Meet the same 'quite accustomed to job' fellow after four months he would put a bomb shell, "Actually I am looking for different openings" But you were on cloud nine when you were selected for this post/company na? "Ya, everything is fine. But I have lot of pressure. I am not getting time to receive personal calls too. In a hurry I need to finish my lunch. I need to make lot of official phone calls I hate. My boss has begun to find faults with me even when I do better than the seniors..." He is talking about the problems so he is taking much time. He had all smiles when I met him first time. Now he is frowning a lot and looking down most of the times..." Ahem..
I remember a story which I had read in my childhood from an outdated text of IV Standard Kannada.
A boy was starting a journey. His mother, like any mother, gave him a pack of 6 rotis so that he can have them on the way. When it was noon he felt hungry and sat under a tree to have his food. He ate 1st roti; it was obviously not enough. He had his 2nd, 3rd and 4th roti he didn't feel full. With the 5th only he felt quite satisfied. When he had the 6th he was full. He uttered, " Oh! What a fool I am. I should have eaten this 6th roti first. I could have saved all the five rotis".
All these new employees are like this boy only. They want to learn things and earn more without going through the toil. You must eat all the rotis if you want to be FULL!

Why Aa DinagaLu is an off-beat movie?

I recently watched this movie namely, AA DINAGALU(Those Days). I had to watch the movie for various reasons which can't be revealed. :-) I liked the movie for many reasons. Go through this blog and tell me whether you watched the movie. What did you feel?

After watching the movie on my recommendation my friend sent an SMS which read, "Doesn't d movie seem anachronic? V being used 2 RGV's kind of Crime n Killing feel impatient.. Y doesn't he just shoot him off? No guns. Killing wasn't so easy"

I wrote him, "You should have seen the subtitle of the movie , Underworld that suffered in the oven of love." It literally happens in the movie unlike the Crime Movies that sprout every week where love suffers due to underworld mostly in raw form and illogically. The youngsters do not have anything against the don except that he poked nose in their love, which in turn was not the usual work of the don. But as it has happened with the most of the underworld dons, this don also gets killed by a group of novices.

They do not have the hurry because it is real life story! As simple as that! This movie has the authenticity required for the story because one of the characters involved in the main episode is the writer of the story. This could have been the case in many love stories. Any underworld don might have not written a story! But Sridhar has written "Daadaagiriya Dinagalu", which in fact is not a story but narration of experiences. We can see decency, ideas, thoughtfulness and rationality of the character which represented the writer himself. This might be the polish done or the actual portrayal.

Since it is a real story which happened during 1986, two decades ago, things can't be and are not glorified. The whole movie unfolds as it happened in real life. Naturally Ram Gopal Varma has all the liberty to send his characters abroad or use the latest weapons which a real past story doesn't have!

Except for the early demonstration of the don's cruelty without reason everything else in the movie moves like a leaf on the stream.

Songs(which make the movie a love story, haunt you for many days), performances(which reminds us of the real characters) and cast(which suits the temperment of the characters) have worked well.

By making the movie AA DINAGALU which was DAADAAGIRIYA DINAGALU, the director and writer have made those days pleasant and worth suggesting somebody, "Watch this movie! It's different!"

No wonder, the movie has gained a place amongBest Twenty Indian Films of 2007 as expressed by The Week!

Govinda said...yES, I liked your blog, "floating like a leaf on a stream"!I did not that your favourite book was and is "The outsider" buy ALbert Camus!You had lent the book to me!Good day!Sharma Govinda (INC)March 26, 2008 6:48 AM
Madhukar said...Hi..Ya.. the movie AA DINAGALU is really Natural... unlike most of the current day underworld movies..Though it may seem very unlike of present crime movies, it effectively presents that past time..How were Those days...How difficult Killing was.. Unlike the present 'just Shoot off'.And... why do v like underworld movies... If v observe the movies which v've liked...(which u too've mentioned)... those are movies made by some greatly skilled directors..Maniratnam, RGV etc..So.. not all the crime movies are liked. It's the men at the helm who matter.. i mean their perspective. The way they portray...March 31, 2008 10:27 PM
KS Anand said...I havent watched that movie. By going through your Blog i understand the content of it. Allow me to look at this through Evolution - Biology :-)Evolution has brought man through harsh situation, he has survived through tough situation starting from the cave man platform. He had strugled for food and survival by fighting within his community and from other common predators ( like Lion, cheetha etc). So that is the reason we like these kind of movies !! and the genes we carry are having the history of our strugle for existence so we naturally like them. That may be the reason why movie like "Godfather" has become blockbusters and inspired other directors to make similar kind of movies and even they are attracting audienceApril 1, 2008 10:46 PM

Why do I like these Underworld Movies?

Whenever some webpage profiles asked me to fill the column, Your Fovourite Movies, I have been writing Nayagan, Satya and Sarkar along with others.(Since I have not got an opportunity to watch The Godfather which I feel I would have definitely added! Because Ram Gopal Varma begins Sarkar with the declaration: Hundreds of filmmakes all over the world have been influenced by The Godfather, I am not exception)
Even my students asked me, "Why do you like underworld themes so much?" May be they have in mind that I, a very peace-loving person, am releasing all my stress through Kamal Hassan, Manoj Bajpai or the the Bachchans! But I still remember that I mentioned the last words of Ramgopal Varma in Satya, "My tears to Satya and those whom he killed" and Naykar Mama replying his grandson's question, "Are you good or bad?" as, "I don't know!" Was he speaking on behalf of all of us?
I used to like these movies with no second thoughts until my 'thinking' friend Vijay said, "This is what I hate in these great directors like Maniratnam. People are already worshipping Rajani and Kamal for their mannerisms and acting. If those matinee idols become Dalpati and Nayagan in the hands of the great Maniratnam, won't their worshippers follow their ways and philosophies?"
This second thought should have come to me.
I have liked the movie Nayagan, since with all the underworld activities they have in hand, they keep on asking, "Am I good or bad?" ; Dalpati for it is an intelligent adaptation of Mahabharat's Karna'a story; Satya for the laconic narration; Sarkar for the close-up shots and sepia colour in addition to its similarities with Nayagan.
I have liked all these movies for it is the world we have not been in touch with. Crime has been the instict of man peace has been the practiced culture of man. Though I have people so calm like me (ahem!) it has taken generations' work for the genes to make this animal, a gentleman!

Suju said...
Peace is a cultural phenomenon...we are taught to hide our anger and stay calm in order to be called "good" by the society. But aggression is definitely a part of all of us. Thats why i guess crime movies attract us because at the end of the day "Evil is fascinating". Very like The Forbidden Apple. Good piece of writing Naveen....just keep writing.
March 27, 2008 9:27 PM