Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deadly Matters

Pramod Mahajan Died...He had been young and enthusiastic and future face of BJP. But he became the victim of his own brother's vices. If at all he was killed by someone else there could have been political exploitaion of this death too.Remember what happened in Bangalore when peace loving Dr. Rajkumar, matinee idol passed away? Riots killed another 8 people. I who was in Hyderabad at that time was shocked and confused!!!Why people are burning buses if a loving person of the whole community passes away?Some rumours even said that it is to malign the new tailor made govt. of HD Kumaraswamy and BS Yediyurappa, some have done this.Whatever..... what an irony? A natural death led to 8 people's accidental deaths.
I was disturbed. I
t brought Brand Bangalore a bad name. Bangaloreans have always been known for hospitality and the comfort they give the outsiders here. It is cosmopolitan in its true sense. I see so many people come into Bangalore from all directions. I don't see too many people going out of the city. Let's try to retain the reputation.
1 person is terrible when people riot about death, murder is understandable, but i must say that when those who feel bereft and want retribution for something that happens naturally, its silly, and they missunderstand. i like ur blog. keep posting for me, i like to read.