Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Opportunities... Bangalore

New to Bangalore?
Come to Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic.. so called) or Bangalore City Railway Station. Stand still in a corner, so that you are safe, and see how many people are entering this city of Bangalore and almost refusing to leave it. If somebody hits you in hurry, never mind. He may not have time or patience to throw a ‘sorry’ at you. After a moment, you will see that only you are still and the whole world around you is restless, either body or soul or most possibly, both.

Stop anybody forcefully (because you can’t do it easily) and ask him/her “Why Bangalore?” Nine out of ten would definitely use the word, “Opportunities”. Like, about some boy from his village who escaped from home and joined as worker in a garment factory, at a cable operator or some such work, years ago. Heard that he was staying in a room along with five other boys like him, somewhere on Hosur Road. Now after six years, the same boy, “don’t know, what he did in Bangalore”, visited his parents last month and gave one lakh(!) to them for his sister’s marriage and even said, “Appa, if you need more, tell me, I will arrange. But don’t ever go to anybody begging.”

Yes..OPPORTUNITIES… and of course, it is true. Your story might be different as your qualification and attitude are different. What all you can do here? Anything… Do you have guts and know to use body and brain? You will get an opportunity. What can you sell here? Anything. An intern was sitting beside me just now and he said, “I was thinking who is going to buy a TV set everyday? How many can I sell in four months? But after entering the market I am finding that my own SIP company is selling hundreds of TV’s evvvryday !!!”

Many times, while wandering around heart of the city, I have come across some insignificant, ill-equipped cinema hall, showing some insignificant, not worth mentioning movie, in which some insignificant actors have acted according the instruction of some other insignificant Director and on the poster …. hold your breath…. “Successful 25th Week”!!! I have wondered “Who would be watching such a wretched movie?” Then I have found the answer. This cosmopolitan city has consumer for everything you produce. Of course, on the other hand, producers always know what YOU want. There are colourful people here with colourful needs and colourful producers. All on their marks…It’s just a matter of vision. It takes vision to perceive opportunities!!! See Beckham’s vision.

This is just a peep into this hungry world. You have somebody to buy your product. Don’t be hesitant. Move forward… be a little fast… the other guy does not have enough time to listen to you. The little boy selling pink heart-shaped balloons at the traffic signal has only 90 seconds to choose the customer, convince him and sell the product. He will. You have a lot of time!!!

You can do it!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi..sir am asif from INC JP nagar. here why have u chosen that picture in which a famous personality running towards so many foot balls in a very green field.
But in starting you have mentioned that....... Hi….
New to Bangalore?.... then if he is new to banglore then he is stranger for Banglore.
Am little bit confused why that picture.