Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Day!

Wishes pour from everywhere...
You too feel that there are so many people who know your birthday...
You wear new clothes...
You feel the freshness of another year getting over...
You are another year old...
To make you forget that, people say, "Happy Birthday!!!"...
Flowers, boquets, which are going to lose life tomorrow are given to you!
(Fresh fragrance due to the perfume sprayed on them just when they are bought)
You too feel happy that this day is a great day!
You go for a party in the evening.
It is sponsored by you or your loved ones.
Ah.. What a day! you feel and go to sleep.

The next morning... you wake up to see...
Nothing has changed.
It is another tedious day's beginning.
Ah you feel why can't it be another day of celebration!
In fact, WHY NOT?

Feel that it is another day to celebrate life like you did on your birthday.
Begin the day with same thrill.
I know how you are put down by so many things of 'actual' life.
But it is upto you to take it as a day of celebration.
After all day is going to be as it is.
It is not going to announce itself as a happy day.
Only you remembered your birthday, only you announced it.
It was you, who celebrated it with thrill!
Why don't you do it everyday?

Happy ANY Day!

These are my wishes on your birthday madam.
Hope you liked the idea!
Celebrate life!