Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why do I like these Underworld Movies?

Whenever some webpage profiles asked me to fill the column, Your Fovourite Movies, I have been writing Nayagan, Satya and Sarkar along with others.(Since I have not got an opportunity to watch The Godfather which I feel I would have definitely added! Because Ram Gopal Varma begins Sarkar with the declaration: Hundreds of filmmakes all over the world have been influenced by The Godfather, I am not exception)
Even my students asked me, "Why do you like underworld themes so much?" May be they have in mind that I, a very peace-loving person, am releasing all my stress through Kamal Hassan, Manoj Bajpai or the the Bachchans! But I still remember that I mentioned the last words of Ramgopal Varma in Satya, "My tears to Satya and those whom he killed" and Naykar Mama replying his grandson's question, "Are you good or bad?" as, "I don't know!" Was he speaking on behalf of all of us?
I used to like these movies with no second thoughts until my 'thinking' friend Vijay said, "This is what I hate in these great directors like Maniratnam. People are already worshipping Rajani and Kamal for their mannerisms and acting. If those matinee idols become Dalpati and Nayagan in the hands of the great Maniratnam, won't their worshippers follow their ways and philosophies?"
This second thought should have come to me.
I have liked the movie Nayagan, since with all the underworld activities they have in hand, they keep on asking, "Am I good or bad?" ; Dalpati for it is an intelligent adaptation of Mahabharat's Karna'a story; Satya for the laconic narration; Sarkar for the close-up shots and sepia colour in addition to its similarities with Nayagan.
I have liked all these movies for it is the world we have not been in touch with. Crime has been the instict of man peace has been the practiced culture of man. Though I have people so calm like me (ahem!) it has taken generations' work for the genes to make this animal, a gentleman!

Suju said...
Peace is a cultural phenomenon...we are taught to hide our anger and stay calm in order to be called "good" by the society. But aggression is definitely a part of all of us. Thats why i guess crime movies attract us because at the end of the day "Evil is fascinating". Very like The Forbidden Apple. Good piece of writing Naveen....just keep writing.
March 27, 2008 9:27 PM

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