Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leave this job... Go to another job!

This is what most of the youngsters who have newly joined feel!The reasons can be many. Most of them are attitude resulted. The youngsters who enter a new job expects a warm welcome; many fail to get it. In a world where numbers matter a lot members are considered less important for the fellow beings. Many first days of the new employees end with, "Wow.. what a nice interior. Nice location and pick up and drop vehicle" which are lifeless. Talk about the colleagues they met, they do not have much, "ya, good, but all were busy, could not say more than hi or hello". The difference is obvious.Meet the same 'joined recently' fellow after two months or so, you have much to listen to. With "ya, manager is very happy with me. he encourages" to "my seniors who are there from many years are not cooperating with me, they are unhappy that I am given a better position though I am a new fellow."Meet the same 'quite accustomed to job' fellow after four months he would put a bomb shell, "Actually I am looking for different openings" But you were on cloud nine when you were selected for this post/company na? "Ya, everything is fine. But I have lot of pressure. I am not getting time to receive personal calls too. In a hurry I need to finish my lunch. I need to make lot of official phone calls I hate. My boss has begun to find faults with me even when I do better than the seniors..." He is talking about the problems so he is taking much time. He had all smiles when I met him first time. Now he is frowning a lot and looking down most of the times..." Ahem..
I remember a story which I had read in my childhood from an outdated text of IV Standard Kannada.
A boy was starting a journey. His mother, like any mother, gave him a pack of 6 rotis so that he can have them on the way. When it was noon he felt hungry and sat under a tree to have his food. He ate 1st roti; it was obviously not enough. He had his 2nd, 3rd and 4th roti he didn't feel full. With the 5th only he felt quite satisfied. When he had the 6th he was full. He uttered, " Oh! What a fool I am. I should have eaten this 6th roti first. I could have saved all the five rotis".
All these new employees are like this boy only. They want to learn things and earn more without going through the toil. You must eat all the rotis if you want to be FULL!

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