Friday, January 02, 2009

To wish or not to wish...

New year day comes and goes!

Festivals come and go!

Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Friends' Day, Sorry Day, Valentine's Day, Cake Day and so on come and go.

We have wished each other and said, "Happy_____ Day!"

Online and offline greeting card/gift sellers celebrate the "season"!

SMS costs go high if they were low, and they cost if they were free.

For a friend whom you have been so considerate when he was in real need, you wish through telephone or mail or greeting cards or flowers.

This is one part of celebration.

There are some who say, "Do we love our mother only on Mothers' Day. There is nothing special for me today. I love, respect and adorn my mother every day."

or "Why celebration only on Dec.31st midnight? I'd like to cebrate life everyday!"

These are considerable, but, there are some more who would bring in religion between, "This is not OUR new year, ours is Ugadi." But try to find out from them what is the date on that day according to THEIR year. Hardly you would get a right answer.

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